Ahoy- Term 1!

Ahoy, there!

This term in year 2 our topic is Pirates! After discussing everything that we know, we now have lots of interesting questions all about what we are wanting to find out. 

We have been busy making treasure and burying it away from the pesky pirates. Hopefully our instructions will help you understand how to bury treasure as well.  

In maths we are looking closley at two digit numbers and how the place of the number determines its value. We will be progressing onto partioning these two digit  numbers as well as looking at addition and subtraction. 

Whilst thinking about pirates in Literacy we are extending our vocabulary and knowledge on different texts in Literacy we are studying a non-chronolgocial report. We have found out lots of facts about the Plundering Pirates. 

Don't forget pirate day will be on the 4th of October. Time to get your outfits ready! AHOY!