Street hockey

It has been great to see the children grow in confidence, persevere, learn new skills and have fun! As the sessions are coming to an end, we asked the children what they thought...

"I really enjoyed doing street hockey because roller blades are fun and the games are awesome!" Finn

"Street hockey was the best PE lesson ever." Kya

"Before we did street hockey I didn't know it even existed, it is one of the best sports ever!" Pablo

"Street hockey is amazing, fun, exciting and competitive. I think that if people were to join a club they would enjoy it a lot." Harriet

"Street hockey was super duper fun and I loved it!" Edgar

"I have enjoyed street hockey so much and I am so happy that I am getting better. I will keep practising." Ayla

"I love street hockey because I always learn something new and I have lots of fun." Aneesh