LAW Group


Hello, we are the LAW group. LAW stands for Learning at Windmill. We meet on Friday afternoons at 1:10pm to 1:40pm in Mrs Knapp’s office. We try to make the school a better place for staff, children and visitors and to see how we can improve learning. Each class from Year3 to year 6 is represented by 2 children.

This year we have been appointing young leaders for subjects that we study at school. To do this we had to decide on the subjects and the qualities that the young leaders would need to be good teachers for young children. Then we designed an application form for children to complete if they wanted to be a young leader. We sent out letters asking for references and then short listed.  We agreed the process on how the children would finally be appointed so that it was fair.

We also carried out a sports club survey and we discussed the class projects that we have enjoyed most to help the teachers to plan for our new curriculum.