School Lunches


Summer term 2019

Weekly Amount = £11.00

(£2.20 per meal)

Term 5: Tues 23 April – Friday 24 May = £50.60

Term 6: Mon 3 June – Weds 24 July = £81.40

Meals must be ordered and paid for in advance.

Pupils must have either school meals all term, or packed lunches all term – sorry, no odd days.

Please use School Gateway App to make lunch money payments.

Minimum payments £11.00

Download the free app. Search School Gateway in your app store and download.

Apple iphone users

Android phone users

If you are unable to make online payments, we will still accept correct cash or cheques made payable to Oxfordshire County Council. Please bring payments in a sealed, named envelope to the school office. Thank you


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