Vision Statement

Achievement through Creativity, Community and Challenge.

Our aim is for Windmill Primary School to be a school of excellence where high expectations are fundamental to all that we do. The school will be a place where the children are happy because the ethos of care and positive relationships makes everyone feel safe and valued. Our children will experience a rich curriculum with a wide range of opportunities available to all of them so that they leave school as well rounded confident individuals and critical thinkers who have the skills and aspiration to be lifelong learners.  We want the children to learn in a vibrant and creative environment where all children are challenged and experience the excitement of learning. We will have strong links with the local community as well as established global links. Diversity will be celebrated and we will be fully inclusive. Two way communications between the school and all stakeholders will be a strength so that everyone feels involved in the life of the school.

All of this will be embedded in a culture where this vision is shared by all stakeholders and the strong leadership, team work and professionalism of the staff make it the first choice school for children, parents and staff.