Year 1

Snow Day- Friday 1st February- School work

Please spend some time today doing 3 or more of the following and bring your work to school for a class display.

Draw, paint, collage a snow scene. (Just have a look out of your window for inspiration)

Write a senses poem about Winter. Include what you can hear, see, touch, smell and taste.

eg In Winter I hear the thick crunching of snow  underneath my wellies

     In Winter I see ........

     In Winter I feel........

Read a book or poem and talk about it.

Spend some time on sum dog or practice counting forward and back in 2's,5's and 10's

Practice your lines for Tatty Bogle

Make a snow sculpture and photograph it to bring to school




Welcome to Year One!


Mrs Rosewarne and Mrs Durbin 1AR

Mrs Jarvstad 1NJ

Mrs Aspden and Mrs Newman 1JA/CN


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Nebres, Miss Moran, Mrs Howard and Mrs Phillips.



Please see our medium term plan (attached below) to find out what we will be learning about this term.

  1. Superheroes MTP 2018
  2. Y1 Beatrix Potter MTP 2018