Year 5

Year 5 Snow Day Activities



In the event of heavy snow, this is the work that your child should do at home when they are not playing in the snow!


Times Tables Rock Stars– practise any tables you are still grappling with. Compete against your friends!


Sumdog –would you benefit from extra practice with addition, subtraction, multiplication or division? Go onto the website and find some games.


Reading records –this is a good opportunity to catch up on reading and complete your reading record. You could also draw a picture to show what is happening in the story, to illustrate a character or the setting.


Snow – how many words do you know related to snow? Come up with a wordlist: cold, chilly, freezing, frozen, snow, snowy, snowfall, etc. Get everyone in your family to contribute.


Thanks, Mrs Rianne, Miss Cox and Miss Gee



Welcome to Year 5 2017-2018!

In Year 5 we have three classes, taught by Mrs Rianne (5AR), Miss Gee (5KG) and Miss Cox (5VC).

 To maximise learning we also have a number of teaching assistants and support staff working with Year 5 in classes and with individual pupils: Miss Wilson, Miss Mash, Miss Swatton and Mrs Anzar


Our topics this year will be:

World War 2 (September > December)

Vikings (January > April)

Rainforests  and school production (April > July)



  1. Year 5 2018:19 topic web
  2. Year 5 2018:19 topic web
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