Year 4 Reading Challenges

Reading bookmark challenge for Year 4!

At the beginning of the year, every child will receive a Morpurgo bookmark. Inside the bookmark is a space for your child to record the book title and author, whether it is fiction, non-fiction or poetry, and the date they have finished the book. Once a book is completed the children must also talk to an adult about what they have read and get their bookmark ticked. in the activity done column. For an extra challenge they can choose to complete a reading activity instead. These are listed below and will also be stuck in the back of the children’s homework books. When your child has read ten books please initial the bottom of the bookmark and send them back to school for us to see. They will then be awarded a certificate and given a new bookmark with another author challenge. We will keep the finished bookmarks for our records, but will return them at the end of the year.    

Reading bookmark challenges are in the following order:

Morpurgo challenge

Walliams challenge

Hughes challenge

Cowell challenge

Shakespeare challenge

Dahl challenge

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