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Term 1

An Awfully Big Adventure

The children in Year 2 will begin their journey with an Awfully Big Adventure looking closely at the question: How far will you go for adventure? 

With a visit from Peter Pan the children will discover that he can no longer fly after loosing his shadow just like he has done in our text (attached below). We will learn how to innovate a story opener by explaining to Peter Pan how he can have an adventure with us. Whilst doing this the children will use their geography skills to explain what adventure we can have in our locality! We will look at aerial perspective, locality and the reasons why Peter travelled to London and where that is in relation to us. We will have an explorers' day when we present our stories to Peter Pan and follow our maps in Headington and around school to see if we can find adventure. Do we need to go far for adventure? How far will you go? 

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