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Term 3

Term 3 is here! Last term we took on the world’s problems with pollution- we wanted to save the world. This term we can all be heroes!


We will look at the importance of Superheroes in different texts and how they compare to real life heroes. We will look at people that have made changes to the world and the battles they have taken to make those changes. We will look at diversity and superhero challenges that have occurred in diversity in the past. We will have two Superhero days to see if our views of what a Superhero is changes our views.

A Superhero Like You : Singh, Dr. Ranj, Darcy, Liam: Books


In literacy we will be looking at innovating a fiction text and writing our Autobiography for our own Superhero story. We will be answering the question: What powers do you have?

Take a look at our Topic Web below to see what we will be doing in all subjects.