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Joining Our School

Windmill School Admissions Policy

How do I get a place for my child?

We welcome enquiries from parents of children of any age, and are delighted to show you around our school to help you choose which school is right for your child. Procedures for applications can be found at Here parents can fill in an application listing up to 3 schools in preference order. The LA will then offer you schools taking into account your choices and a number of other factors including where you live or whether your child has siblings at the school. 

At what age can my child start school?

You will be offered a full time place for your child for the September after their 4th birthday. You may choose to leave your child at home or in their Foundation Stage provider for a little longer if you feel that he/she is not ready for main-stream school. 

How is my child introduced to school?

In order to ensure a smooth transition to school, your child's new teacher will whenever possible, visit your child at nursery or pre-school to introduce themselves and find out as much about them as possible. You and your child will be invited to class visits. On your last visit you will be encouraged to leave your child for a short while after settling them down with the teacher. During this time you are usually invited to a meeting with the Head and representatives of the school community (governor, school nurse, school association member). You will also have the opportunity to meet your child's teacher separately.

When your child joins the school there is a gradual build up of time in the school environment. The first week, the children stay until after lunch, the second week they will begin full time.

These are the procedures recommended by the LA to ensure a successful start to school.