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Mrs Edmund's Class

Welcome to 'Explorers' Reception Class

Our Class Motto:

Explore and be curious!

WOW Leaves 

You will receive WOW leaves to enable you to share your child's achievements at home with us.  Please pick them up in class and hand them back in at any time during the week.  We share them with the class throughout the week.  Please remember; it can be anything from tying a shoe lace for the first time to overcoming a fear of sleeping with the light off at night.  If it is something your child has tried hard to achieve and they are proud of it, we would love to share it!

Phonics Resources to support Learning at Home 

There are lots of online resources to support phonics. Below are a few we have found useful:

We look forward to continuing to get to know your child on our exciting learning journey!

Best wishes

Mrs Edmunds, Mrs Williams and Miss Asquith