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RE at Windmill Primary School

‘We all belong here.’
RE is an important part of learning at Windmill. It helps our diverse range of  pupils to feel that they belong here and to prepare them for life in a diverse world. 

KS1 and KS2

There are two main educational purposes to RE:

1. For pupils to learn about religions and beliefs which have influenced the lives of millions of people and heavily influenced the development of different human cultures. Pupils apply academic skills such as analysis and critical and creative thinking, approaching the study of religion with different disciplines as they mature.

2. For pupils to recognise and develop their own perspective from their increasingly academic and creative exploration of religions and other worldviews.

The Agreed Syllabus has four aims for RE. To enable pupils to:

• understand the nature, role and influence of religions and other worldviews, locally, nationally and globally.

• reflect on questions of meaning, purpose and value.

• formulate reasoned opinion and argument.

• enter into meaningful dialogue with people of different beliefs, worldviews, and backgrounds.

Reception classes include specific planned activities (for example, on festivals, special places and faith leaders) as well as unplanned opportunities for developing children’s knowledge and understanding of religions and other worldviews through circle time and everyday routines.

Rights of Withdrawal

Religious Education must be provided for all registered pupils in full time education. However, parents have the right to withdraw their child from all or part of the RE Curriculum. Any concerns should be discussed with Mrs Knapp.