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Reading Challenge

Read around the world!

At the beginning of Year 4, every child will receive a passport in order to read their way around all seven continents, starting in Antartica. Inside the passport is a space for your child to record the book title and author, the date they have finished the book and the signature of their parent or guardian. They should then complete a reading challenge too and you can find a list of challenges to download below. When your child has read ten books, they have completed a continent, so please send their passports back to school for us to see. Their achievement will be celebrated and they will move themselves onto the next continent on the class map. Remember, books can be a range of genre within fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

VIPERS (Vocabulary, inference, retrieval, explanation, retrieval, summarising or sequencing)

These are the skills that children are taught to help them develop and show their understanding of texts. Below you can download a document that gives examples of questions you could ask your child at home, to practice each of these skills.