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Term 1 and 2: I Came, I Saw, I Conquered!

In the Autumn term, we will be looking at the enquiry question: Is it worth fighting for something you believe in? 

We will look at the impact we have on our own local environment, focussing on the bee population and how the use of pesticides are damaging their urban ecosystem. Once we have enough knowledge, we will decide if the bees are worth fighting for and what we can do about it...

We will be looking at The Roman's impact on Britain and the role of Boudicca and The Celts. They fought for what they believed in, was it worth it? We will link this chronologically to our work in Year 3 on The Ancient Egyptians and where they are placed on the timeline. 

Through Michael Foreman's book 'War Game' we will learn about World War One and the extreme importance that fighting for what you believed in had. We will look at the Suffragettes and how they fought for their rights and the difference that has made to people today. 

We will read Maya Angelou's poem 'I Rise' and adapt this to create our own remembrance poem based on the experiences and accounts we discover from World War One. 

To find out more about our learning in Year 4 in the Autumn Term, please take a look at our Topic Web.