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Term 1 and 2- Extreme Earth

In the Autumn term, we will be looking at the enquiry question: What makes a journey challenging?

In term 1, children will be exploring mountains and polar regions. They will revise and develop mapping skills and knowledge of the world. Learn how mountains are formed and the features of mountains. Building on previous learning, children will also revise what a biome is and focus on areas of the world that are considered extreme.  

In term 2, children will develop their knowledge of chronological order by looking at the history of polar exploration, evaluating evidence to answer the question: Why was Amundsen's expedition to the South Pole successful, but Scott's failed? 

Planned trips and Visits:

  • Science Oxford trip.
  • Junior Citizens training.
  • IMPS (first aid) training.
  • Lunar Loan visit.
  • Polar Explorer Visit (either online or in person).
  • Explorer's Day.