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Term 1 and 2- Forest biomes: bloomin rainforests, terrific trees and wonderful woodlands

David Attenborough — 'No one will protect what they don't care about; and no one will care about what they have never experiened'

This term, we will be looking at forest biomes and their importance to the world. We will build our knowledge of the different woodland biomes, before moving on to looking at the destruction of these and the impact that this is having on the planet. We will also explore some local issues and debate if 'greenbelt land' should be used to help solve the housing crisis in Oxfordshire, and the pros and cons of the 'High Speed rail' (HSR) project.  

 In English, we will use the Lion King as a basis for some descriptive writing- visiting the theme of 'the circle of life.' We will also write a biography about David Attenborough. 

Please look at the information below that will give you more information about what we will be covering this term. 

Planned trips and Visits:

- Science Oxford to experience a woodland biome in this country. We will collect seed samples and look at how seeds have adapted to ensure species spread and survive. 

- Jonathan's Jungle Roadshow: to experience first hand some of the animals that are found in a tropical rainforest. 

 The Explorer by Katherine Rundell, Hannah Horn | Waterstones