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Term 3 and 4- Movers and Shakers: People and ideas that change the world

In the Spring term, our enquiry questions are: What makes someone inspirational? Do walls protect or divide?

In term 3 within History, our focus is on the British History Theme: Migration. We will be considering where we come from and why people move to Britain from other parts of the world. We will focus on Jewish communities, Black History and how migration was key to the making of the NHS.

In term 4 within Geography, we will be developing our mapping skills by locating different, important walls using atlases, historical maps and Ordinance Survey maps. We will plot the voyage taken by Darwin’s Beagle and look at the capital cities of those countries. Within History, using the enquiry question: 'Do walls protect or divide?' we will research some famous walls – the Great Wall of China, Berlin Wall and Hadrian’s wall and consider our enquiry question. Continuing with the theme of walls we will undertake a Local History study and learn about Oxford’s City Walls, Civil War defences in Oxford and the Cutteslowe wall.

Planned trips and Visits:

  • Gallery of Movers and Shakers (Parent and carer invitation).
  • NHM evolution workshop.