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Term 5 and 6- Maya Civilization

In the Summer term, we will be looking at the enquiry question: How did Ancient Maya express their identity? 

In term 5 within Geography, children will carry out a comparative study: UK and Mexico. After an introduction to Central and South America, the children will compare the UK and Mexico considering physical features and human geography.

In term 6 within Geography, we will be looking at settlements: we will learn about different types of settlements and the factors that might affect where settlements grow up. We will think about why Oxford exists and carry out some local fieldwork.

Planned trips and Visits:

  • Enterprise (children buy, make and sell to raise money for their Leavers treat)
  • Year 6 residential- Kilvrough
  • The Big Meal (children plan, make and serve a meal for their families)
  • Year 6 leavers treat
  • Local fieldwork