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Terms 5 and 6- Displaced people- refugees (Including WW2)

Within this topic we will be exploring what it is like to have to leave your home behind and become a refugee. 

During this topic we will explore both the present day and historically- using WW2 as a case study. We will also look at evacuation, rationing, the home front and the role of women in the war, as well as specific significant events such as the Dunkirk landings. 

We read a variety of texts set in wartime which show differing viewpoints and perspectives. We also hear first-hand accounts from people who have memories of that time. The children will also explore the story 'the Island' - looking at how the visitor was treated and some of the problems he faced when arriving in a new country. 

We visit the soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum where we handle artefacts from the time and spend time in a simulated air raid shelter. 

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