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Terms 5 and 6- The Smashing Saxons and Vicious Vikings

In this topic focusing on the Dark Ages in Britain, we explore the societies, lifestyles and struggles of the Anglo Saxon and Viking people: the motivations for migration and invasion, their settlements and belief systems and the benefits of trading across the globe. We use secondary and tertiary sources to draw historical conclusions. Children will get the chance to compare and contrast life in the UK with the very different life in the Muslim empire, which was experiencing The Golden Age of Islam. 

We study Scandinavian myths, traditionally further enhanced by a special visit from their acclaimed author, Geraldine McCaughrean. Other special events usually run include experiencing a Viking raid through VR headsets, and attending a workshop on Anglo-Saxon life run by the Oxfordshire Museum. 

Our art focuses on printing Viking designs and creating giant Viking jewellery from modroc and wire.