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Terms 5 and 6- WW2

Within this topic we will be exploring what life was like during WW2, with a focus on the Home Front. We will be using drama as a tool to explore the topic, imagining that we are living in 1939 in a suburb of London. We will use this as a lens to see how life was impacted by the war and explore the experiences had by many at the time. 

We will explore:

  • The build up to WW2
  • Explore propaganda and how it was used
  • The role of women during WW2
  • The Blitz and how Britain responded
  • The experiences of evacuees
  • Rationing
  • The Battle of Britain and how the RAF was made up of 'the many' and 'the few.'
  • VE Day. 

In English, we will be exploring 'Letters from a Lighthouse' and 'Rose Blanche.' Our writing will focus on recounts and narrative. 

Please find more information about the term below.