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‚ÄčThe Values Curriculum at Windmill

At Windmill school we put Values at the centre of all we do

Here we are committed to a programme which helps children explore values and as a testament to our outstanding work in this sphere we have been awarded the Quality Mark in Values Education in 2009 and again in 2012.

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Through this we hope to engage staff, children and parents in debate about what kind of people we want to be and the kind of world we want to live in.

Values at Windmill are developed and explored in a variety of ways, some formal and some informal.

We have a two year cycle where each month we focus on a different value, such as respect, co-operation, honesty and patience. The new value for each month is introduced in assembly and then explored from various aspects throughout the rest of the month via stories, plays, personal recount, examples of good role modelling in school and children's shared experiences.

The next layer is the discussion, teaching and reinforcement of the value in allocated class teaching time.

Children are also introduced to the idea of Reflection Time. This is a short time in which to be still and focus on one's inner self. In assembly this will be the time in which one can reflect on the message heard or on what the Value means to the individual. In class this can be used as part of a quiet assembly time or PHSE activity, or simply as a re-focussing time after a busier session.

A copy of our Values Policy is available in the school office which you are welcome to read.

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