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Year 1

Welcome to Year One!

Hello Parents, Carers and Friends,

We extend a warm welcome to you all and want you to know how much we value you as partners in your child’s learning journey here.

We have a committed and talented team of adults ready to help your child enjoy learning.

Classes across the school are organised by colour and our Y1 classes can be identified by the colour red.

Year Group Lead Jackie Aspden  

Red Kites Mrs Aspden (Mon, Tues, Wed) and Mrs Newman (Thurs, Fri) 

                   Mrs Philips Teaching Assistant and Mrs B 1-1 Teaching Assistant

Red Squirrels Mrs Rosewarne (Mon –Thurs) and Mrs Grates (Fri)

                          Mrs Nebres Teaching Assistant

Ladybirds Mrs Jarvstad (Mon-Fri)

                         Ms Moran Teaching Assistant, Mrs Idris 1-1 Teaching Assistant

                         Sarah Howard Teaching Assistant/ Forest School Lead

This term's topic is "We can be heroes!"  (Spring Term 1)

“We can be heroes!” is a topic about power, responsibility and sustainability.

We will meet our favourite superheroes through stories and comic books and witness good overcoming evil! We all have the power to be “Everyday Heroes” and we’ll be doing that by looking after our immediate environment. In science we will be studying the properties of different materials. This will support our understanding of which materials can be recycled and which decompose naturally. We shall discuss using our precious materials efficiently, reducing waste and therefore recycling as much as we can.  

 We will be engaging in dilemma led learning through superhero role play and will be developing our inner superhero when we set our own New Year goals and learn that making mistakes and persistence are essential in achieving them. 

Finally we will showcase our work through a short assembly and celebrate with our very popular Superhero Day! 

Please see the topic web "We can be Heroes" below for more detail.

Our next topic will be Food Detectives followed by Building bridges and Castles and Conquests culminating in our visit to Warwick Castle as a primary source of evidence.

We hope these topics will stimulate and excite the children as much as they do us.

If you need any more information about Y1 please contact Mrs Aspden Y1 Leader